Monday, June 4, 2012

Less than 2 days

As much as it seemed painful to move our date again to something earlier than the 15th, all is in God's time. There is someone on a anencephaly board that went to 38 weeks, but still ended in a still birth. So I feel good about Wednesday. Probably my last post before baby pictures!

I've been writing specifically to Kendall, but felt like I needed one last update here. We're almost there and have many mixed emotions. Excited to meet her and hold her, yet prepared for the sadness. But thinking about that this morning reminded me that today is Monday. It was an option to have her this morning. And all that is to come in 2 days could have been now. So the next two days are joyful. And our doc. is wonderful, doing the c-section on her day off before going on vacation. Almost like an "extra" two days to spend with Kendall. The kids left again this morning for a playdate and once they left, I got to sit down and say good morning to Kendall. That's when it hit me, "she's still here :)".

*Note: Some friends will be praying in the hospital lobby on Wednesday, starting at 7:30am. If that is too early, but you would like to join, please feel free to get there when you can. C-section starts at 9:30am, and Kendall will probably be born right before 10am. Thank you everyone!


  1. Stephanie, I barely know you, but Desi has kept us in the loop. Just want to let you know that you, sweet Kendall and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Just looking back on posts... thank you for coming to Kendall's visitation!!