Monday, April 30, 2012

Angel Shower

We have many wonderful friends supporting us and loving us. And to show us and our family how much they care about us and Kendall, they threw us an Angel Shower. (Thank you again!!) The best part for us was to show the rest of our family how much support we have. The picture is of one of my favorite cards for the shower.

What is an Angel Shower?
Once finding out about a child with a fatal diagnosis, a mother’s dream comes crashing down. A normal baby shower is not necessary needed any more. An Angel Shower is a way for friends and family to surround the grieving family with love. These family will need other things for their new journey in life.
An angel shower can still celebrate a child’s life within the womb. Decorations can be talked about with the mother, but can still be with lots or pink or blue. This is a type of shower where the mom will have to be a part of the planning. Her and her husband can put together a list of things they want for the baby: hats, outfits, picture props, etc., as well as gifts for the family: gift cards, meal sign ups, things for siblings.

Things monogrammed are nice for the baby. Gift cards are great for parents and other kids. Spa, nails, movie nights, food. Maybe to Shutterfly, to get prints made later. A craft store g/c for frames, shadow boxes, hand molds.

This is a good time to collect a bag of new small toys that younger children can play with at the hospital to keep busy. Coloring books, small figurines, stickers, a new stuffed animal that can remind them of their baby sister or brother.

Help celebrate this child’s life!

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  1. I am glad I was part of your angel shower yesterday!!!