Saturday, June 9, 2012

Helping The Grayson Project

I told everyone about the Walker family and how their baby pictures went viral on the internet after a Facebook "mix-up". Through their experiences they have started an organization to help other families affected by anencephaly. That is now "The Grayson Project".

Some of their followers were asking what they will be doing for us, as one of their "first families". And before coming to the hospital, I had already asked Heather what I can do to start helping them get off the ground.

Waking up the final morning of us at the hospital, my mind was racing with ideas to help them start a website, and all the information that could be gathered in one place. General info on anencephaly, how to encourage others that choose to carry to term even with doctors that aren't being helpful, how friends and family could support these families like we feel we have had (Angel Showers, what the family could use, etc), how to tell children whether a sibling or a family friends' child that knows about the pregnant mom, share links of people who want to donate hats (etc), share about Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, getting mom's as prepared as they need, and having a "daddy" page...

Heather's vision is to send a care package to these families and to build a playground in honor of her son and other babies. This site could also be a place in lieu of flowers, people can donate in honor of their babies.

So I got excited at 6am, and couldn't go back to sleep! (Now waiting on Heather to get back to me on what she thinks of all this, even though I'm already talking about it here.) 

If anyone would like to donate to them in honor of Kendall, instead of food for us, they could. One sweet lady in Texas asked what she could do since she couldn't make us a meal. They do not have a specific webpage link to donate to, but more info is on their blog and FB page:
The Grayson Project, P.O. Box 1384, Millington, TN 38083
Pay by PayPal please send your payment to

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