Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Pre-op Doctor Appt.

Today sounds like it was my last doctors appt. before Kendall will be born. We didn't plan for another.

My mom spent the night to watch the kids this morning since the appt was 9am and we didn't want to take them this time. I got to the appt a little more nervous. My BP was a little higher than normal for me. But still in a normal range 13#/77. I'm usually really low, like 115/55....

Had u/s, measured fluid, Doctor told us results.... 50cm (Polyhydramnios). I didn't ask for my belly to be measured this time. Our doctor is really sweet, no (extra) pressure on making our decisions. But the truth is that if we want to have more assurance that she is the one doing the c-section and that the hospital will be "ready", without scrambling around if my water were to break, we'd have to 1) be more confident I could get to the 15th or 2) make a new date.

**just got phone call**

We were shooting for Monday or Wednesday of next week, Wednesday preferred. The call I just got was saying Wednesday at 9:30 is booked for us, so Wednesday, June 6 it is... still as long as my water doesn't break before then.

Feelings: kinda blah. Nothing bad, but not much good, but still positive.

The song for today.. Angel By Your Side

My grandmother's, who passed away a little over two years ago, birthday is tomorrow. Would have been 93. Been thinking about her and telling her to hold on to my baby for me... she's coming soon.

7 days.

For any out of state family that might want to come to the funeral (or friends)... we're penciled in for June 16.

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