Support from Friends

Everyone will handle this situation in different ways. Keep lifting up these families and reminding them often that you are thinking and praying for them. They can’t receive too many cards! From the time they find out the diagnosis to delivery day, they are in a period of just waiting. If it is your close friend, offer to sit with them, listen to their feelings and frustration. Remind them of the joys they can look forward to. This child may be different, but they will still be beautiful to that family.

Offer to help them start preparing for the birth and death. Offer to help with the celebration of the birthday by making a cake for the day. Or offer to walk through cemeteries together, to find the perfect spot. Are you good with invitations or announcements? Offer to make those for the family. One less thing for mom and dad to think about will take loads off of their shoulders, for them to keep focused on the family.

Other ideas:
Offer an Angel Shower, cut grass, make a knit hat or blanket, give gift cards to restaurants, set up a fund to help with the funeral and/or cemetery cost, set up a meal plan, send a cleaning crew to clean their house, plan a reception for the family after the funeral service.

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