Monday, March 26, 2012

Short Update

A friend stopped me and asked if there was anything new, so I thought I'd give a short shout out...

Staying busy with planning a lot of things from an angel shower, baby announcements, memorial... etc. All of which I have plenty of help with. I am also still moving Drew out of the nursery, into his big boy room. We are meeting with Kendall's neonatologist on Thursday. This is the doctor that will take over in the NICU (or where ever we are) after she is born. I'll also meet with Dr. G again the same day, but that should be routine... hear her heartbeat and get belly measured. I'll have my HEART Strings (hospital staff) meeting on Monday, April 2nd. Where they will give us a run down on everything we're allowed to do and help us with our birth plan.

And for Spring Break, Kirk and I will be taking a weekend trip together to get out into the nature of the mountains, while family watch the kids.

Not much... but a lot at the same time... might have more news after all these meetings.

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