Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Calvin's Hats

Quick note before I begin, Kirk began to feel Kendall moving last Saturday night!

A little back story on my kick boxing "skills" before I continue... Before I was 17 weeks pregnant, I had been going to the gym for about a year and loved the Body Combat class. They always told us to picture ourselves fighting a woman our size, but I was really picturing our husbands all back in the army and the women having to protect their children here in the US after being invaded by other certain countries. A little extreme, maybe? But I was getting good work out and learning how to kick some butt while I was at it.

During the last couple of weeks before I had to quit the gym, a the Bible study I am in now was being formed and collecting people so they knew how many books to buy. I was on the fence, as I put Drew in child care at church 4-5 hours a week at church already and another 3 at the gym. God had other plans, and how awesome it is to see so quickly what he had in mind for me. I pinched a nerve in my back at 17 weeks, so bad that I was in a 9 out of 10 pain level. It wasn't a 10 just b/c I could get it to go away as long as I didn't make certain movements. I started at the chiropractor immediately to help, and it worked.

Lisa, running the Bible study, emailed me back one last time to see if I was interested in coming to the study. I emailed her back laughing inside. My email back to her was "God cleared my schedule, we'll be there." Little did I know. I stopped going to the gym. The study has been a great one, focusing on our trails of our lives (usually a little smaller than what we're going through, but still significant to Him) and how God comforts us.The book is Brave by Angela Thomas.

The Bible study was a side story to where I was going with this blog... Last night was my first night really by myself after the kids went to bed. Kirk is out of town, shortly, for a business trip. This is where my kick boxing skills come in... I don't know who reads this, but don't come messing with my family :) No one really knows how mean a pregnant lady can really get.

I was reading up on some programs provided by the hospital for people in similar situations. Then came across a website for small knit hats called Calvin's Hats. Their website said they have people donate their time and skills to make hats for babies that don't make it passed 28 weeks. Knowing that most hats for an anencephaly baby won't fit, I thought this might be perfect.

My personality isn't one to really ask for much and I don't like really being the center of attention. Friends have prayed over us, which is great, but I do it for Kendall. On this website is a request form for these hats. They are free, you just have to ask for one. (Crying as I type this and I feel stupid). Knowing that they were babies under 28 weeks, I went out on a limb and told them my story and asked for a hat. The crying I did when I was filing out this form was so gut wrenching that it actually hurt my tummy, and I tried to calm myself down quickly.

At this point I didn't have anyone to talk to face to face. I didn't want to tell Kirk on the phone, as I didn't want him to worry while he's gone (sorry babe). And I knew friends would be reading this, saying "you could have called me and I would have come over". But it was 10:45pm by this time, and I knew I had to get to bed.

I soon had a smile brought back to my heart, as Calvin's Hats had quickly emailed me back already. It was a peacefulness to know they would be happy to send us multiple hats to make sure we have one that fits Kendall. Another prayer answered. A simple hat that you can't find at your regular store. Thank you to them!

Update (6-12-12)
Now that Kendall's birthday has passed, I'm started to find even more info out "there" about different subjects and will be updating my journal entries. Kendall's head was 9" around and here are more sites to find hats for anen. babies.:
Anen. Hats FB Group
Preemie Patterns
Joshua's Little Buddies

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