Thursday, March 15, 2012

24 wk Appt and U/S

So this morning was a little hectic getting up earlier than normal and after this time change. The kids did just fine. Dropped Drew off with a friend and headed to our OB  appointment with Dr. G. Kendall's heartbeat is in the 120's (normal is between 110-160). Everything else seemed normal here. Kristen was excited to go to this appt. but knowing we had a second one, she rather be at school, where it was Farmer's Breakfast Day and she got to dress like a farmer. She got to school on time at 9 and Kirk and I went back to the hospital for our 10am ultrasound.

The u/s went well. No word of her being a "he", so Kendall is still Kendall! Not much was said about her head. The anencephaly is still prominent. We told Dr. M that we would like to know more on how severe her head looks, but we won't know that till we do 3D/4D, which will start next visit at 28 weeks. Other news on how she is includes a small VSD (still looking up this myself), or hole, in her heart. He didn't seem too concerned with it, as the hole wasn't out of the ordinary in size, and most of the time, those close on their own before birth. This will be monitored in further visits as well. And lastly, she is about 1lb 7oz so far and about normal length. Her legs are long and making up for what's missing up top! Sounds like one of us! Kristen at birth was 21.5".

After the u/s appt, I went back to school for Kristen music day and back to pick up Drew. Drew was exhausted from playing with his friend, that he wouldn't eat for lunch and we put him down for his nap at 12:30 and it's now 2:20 and he's still sleeping! Since Kirk was working from home, he didn't have to have a car nap while I went back to school to pick Kristen up. Busy, early started day! And now we relax and take in this beautiful sunny day!

Up coming appointments include seeing Dr. G every two weeks, Dr. M for u/s every 4 weeks and meetings with the HEART Strings program for the hospital.  This is the perinatal loss group for Northside. They are setting up an appt for me to see the neonatologist (sp), another Dr. M. ^2. Then we'll be meeting the perinatal loss coordinator, labor and delivery coordinator, NICU coordinator, and hospital Chaplain to make sure we're all on the same page for Kendall's birthday. This will help me to write out a detailed, to the minute birth plan. Including holding off measurements and weight, as our time with her is soon our other kids can join us in the recovery room, which family comes in when, not over crowding the room all at once... and when we want close friends to join. How long we'd like to keep her after she passes away... what memory things we would like to do with her, pictures, hand/foot prints.... We'll have a call list with our Pastor, funeral director, and a few more people on it.  Ok, I'll stop there, as it's a lot, but not even I know everything it consumes yet. I'll probably post some of the birth plan when I'm finished with it.

Lots still going on, even if we're not posting as much. But a good thing is that Kendall's appts are going as normal as they can, her kicks are stronger, and we're still waiting for June!

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