Friday, March 16, 2012

Birthday Cards

As Kirk and my birthdays are around the corner, cards from family flood in. I've never been one to be a card giver, as they can get expensive! Neither am I a big card reader. I read what people write, more than what the card said before. Well, today I'm actually reading everything. The cards say a little more different then the typical birthday card and they are very nice:

1) "God put some very special people on this Earth to remind us what true caring and loving really are..."
2) "A wish for beauty in quiet spots, magical moments, and memories..."

But this third one was the one that made me start to cry. It was the one that I opened thinking that it was going to be the most normal of the birthday cards...

3) "Wishing you so much today- happiness, joy and laughter, dreams come true..."

I've never been one to really wish on candles, but as I blow out my candles this year, I really will be wishing for my dreams to come true.

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