Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr. Appt Today

Today was our first doctors appointment since finding out Kendall has anencephaly, 22 weeks 5 days. Our doctor is giving us special attention and having us only see her, so today we had to make the trek down to her Atlanta office. This appt. was pretty routine, weight, blood pressure, heartbeat (which made us happy to hear), and they added blood work for me. Every second it takes to find a heartbeat seems like a lifetime to any parent, but even more so it seems now.

Dr. G had some questions for us, and we had two for her. Her question for us had to do with ultrasounds. If we wanted to keep having them and if so, with the OB office or the specialist. We said yes, as we're open to watching her grow and making sure she is growing correctly other than the head. And I'm sure we'd be hoping for that miracle to show up before birth each time. The u/s will also show how sever her lack of skull really is. Also chose the specialist, as they can do 3D in the future for us. She also let us know she is still waiting for answers to our organ donor questions.

Kirk's question for her was more of a reminder for the blood work they ended up taking. She didn't say how often it would be done, but it sounds like every other month would be about right. My question was about a conversation I had with her on the phone one day. I told a few family and friends that she had mentioned me having a c-section closer to 36-37 weeks. So why not try to get closer to the normal 39 weeks? Her answer made me giggle. She said it was to make sure I didn't go into labor before hand. Kristen was late, and Drew made his planned c-section date... but I have never had my water break on its own, nor did I make a run to the hospital b/c/ I thought I was in labor. So what was funny to me is that I feel like my kids like the cozy belly and don't like to come out on their own. She said the closer we get, we might be able to push it back if we want.

----- This coming Saturday ----

This weekend, or at least Saturday, is going to be a big one for us. We're meeting up with another couple who  lost an anencephaly baby in January, for breakfast. Another God thing, as their parents are friends with another family at our church. They live in NC, but are driving through for a vacation.

After breakfast, off we go to the hospital for a "backstage" pass tour of the NICU and other things normal people don't get to see that might help us prepare for the big day. A neighbor of mine works up there and was sharing our story with a NICU nurse, who graciously gave us her number and offered her time to do this for us.

Since these two things ended up on the same day, we decided to do one more to get some more questions out of the way.  Off we'll go to the cemetery. Neither of us have had to plan a funeral. The only ones we've really been to are grandparents. So we'll be showing up with an open heart to take in as much information as they can share. Then we'll see where that leads us. That will most likely be the hardest part of the day.

---- Things on my plate to think about -----

  • Setting up photography meetings. Preggo shoot, at hospital, at funeral? 
  • What to wear in all these places and pictures. 
  • Angel shower date- we have great friends that want to do some special things for all of us. 
  • Shower list/registry- can't go to BRU or Target for that one.
  • Memorial service- what to be said, who to say it, what songs, who sings?
  • Funeral
  • Obituary wording
  • Cemetery visit
  • Hospital visit- not being near the regular moms, what can the hospital do for us?
  • Birth Plan- not your regular one. I'll probably post more on this later.
  • Things we can do as a family with Kendall involved 
  • Memory things, crafts, what we can get hand/footprints on at the hospital
  • Doing things for Kristen and Drew before, during and after

And I'm sure the list will go on... Keep praying for us and we will keep you updated. Thanks!

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