Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hospital Visit

Last night was a trail run... and I think it actually helped me. I didn't get stressed or emotional...

I started contractions about 7:50pm (I think I told the nurse 8:50, who can keep up?) while Kirk was putting the kids to bed. Drew was screaming, so I decided to sit out on the porch and time the contractions in quiet. They weren't painful, but noticeable and about 10 mins apart. Some shorter, some longer. Our last visit with the doctor, she told us to call if they are 10 mins, even if they don't hurt.

**water break**

Once Kirk was done with the kids, I told him the news and we counted another 30 minutes while we pondered the best situation for the kids.Then I called the doctor. She told me keep up the water, which I had since dinner, take a bath for 20 minutes, and lay down. The bath seemed to have helped and I thought they had stopped or at least slowed down. Got dressed and laid in bed and they started up again. Called the doctor back at 10:30pm, and she called the hospital to let them know I was on the way.

**water break**
Once there, they hooked up a baby monitor and a contraction monitor and (without details) ran tests. Some contractions ended being 2 mins apart. One test urine, the other a "labor tests". Urine came back saying I was a little dehydrated and we were still waiting for the other test.  While waiting, the doctor on call checked my dilation and said I was still firm and undilated.

**water break**
This test that we were waiting on is a new one. They take a culture and depending on protein levels, it tells you if it predicts labor within the next two weeks. This one came back negative. Which I give a thumbs up.... it might have been worth the trip just to hear that.

**water break**

So, they decided to send me home (2am), and told me to drink drink drink! Which means I'll be in the restroom all day if anyone needs me :) But contractions have stopped, my in-laws are here, Kirk is working from home, and I'm on my way to taking a nap as soon as I hit "publish".

**bathroom break**

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  1. Stephanie, even though you are going thru this trial your sense of humor is beautiful. Your comment about being in the bathroom if your needed just made me laugh. See you put smiles on peoples faces daily :)and that is definitely God using you. Praying for you and family.