Thursday, May 17, 2012

Private Practice Finale

Caught up on that tonight... I cried, but I was happy the character wanted to see her baby. The worse part was when she said she wasn't ready to give him up.

In family news.... Kristen graduated 4K tonight and if her application is accepted tomorrow, will be signed up for a private Kindergarten! For everyone who doesn't knows me on FB... Kristen has a Sept. 6th birthday and the cut off is the 1st... so she wouldn't be able to go to public school. We feel like she is ready for Kindergarten and have been working on a way for a while now.  Our goal right now will be to transfer her to public in the 2nd grade. If we have to jump through hoops for our kids, we will! But to have this under our belt will be a breather and something exciting to look forward to in the Fall, as well as Drew going to preschool for the first time.

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