Thursday, February 28, 2013

Doctor/Ultrasound update

Nothing to really start this post with except the facts:

1) Uterus was empty except for blood- I felt relieved when I heard this. I felt that with the hCg numbers not going down meant that there had to be something there and I was bracing myself for extra medicine or another procedure. So I was happy to have everything happen naturally and not have to be having a "next step" before getting some closure.

2) All other womanly parts looked good and healthy... Nurse W said "beautiful".

3) Asked if we should be starting to talk about further testing, genetics. Dr. G said that most of the things they tests for, we can already rule out because we have had two healthy children, and carried three full term babies. One example: They would tests for something wrong in the uterine wall that wouldn't allow me to carry a baby... but we know I can.

4) I took blood again today, and will probably one more time next week, just to keep an eye on those numbers that should be coming down. I'm not as worried about those anymore, not that we have seen an u/s.

5) Predicted another week of bleeding, yippy.

6) If we decide we're ready, then we can try again after the second cycle shows up. The first would be just to make sure the uterine wall gets thick again.

Sorry if there are guys reading this. I never intended this blog to be so specific in the womanly areas, but if it helps someone else through this process, then there is a purpose for it. I wish it wasn't like that, but I'm not regretful for everything in the public. You all are part of our lifeline. Thank you.

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  1. I'm glad that you have some definite answers... praying for you this week.