Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kendall Keepsake Foundation

So, in building our non profit Ashlee told me to pray for someone to help us with legal stuff. I knew no one to ask. And every Tuesday The Fish would do Random Acts of Kindness, where someone would call in and ask for help with something. I thought about it and decided to call this morning. I posted about it on our FB prayer page last night and got up to listen this morning. The song before they asked people to call in was How He Loves, one of our funeral songs and I started praying hard and crying. I had a feeling something awesome would happen. I told God that no matter if I got through or not, this was going to happen some way or form. I called...

And got through! Shaking and sniffling, and trying to sum up our story quickly.

John called in afterwards and said he'd help! Awesome guy!

We're on our way!

I've said a little here and there about what we'd like to accomplish, so here's more:

To spread the love of Jesus Christ by providing parents of unborn children with an adverse diagnosis with a keepsake package to memorialize their child through creative and personalized art that embraces the legacy of life that God has created.

As prenatal testing advances, more families are finding themselves faced with heartbreaking news and their world comes crashing down. In the mix of emotions, they have choices to make. Do they carry on with the pregnancy?

Some people consider these babies lives medically futile and pointless.

We will be providing a service for these parents to honor their child’s life, no matter how short. We want to provide more information to mothers on the benefits to carrying to term and how it works into God’s natural plan. It’s not about waiting for death, but embracing and celebrating a life.

Choosing to continue a pregnancy is a parenting decision that honors the parent and child. It allows parents to protect their baby for as long as they can; just as if it were another healthy child, doing everything possible for that child’s survival. Then, when and if the child’s death occurs, that time is a peaceful and natural goodbye in God’s timing.

We're building an organization that goes in and works with the parents in the hospital by creating foot and handprint art with the family. Something to display at home that celebrates their life. This will also allow us to be in contact with them before birth and have a way to encourage more mom's to carry to term.

We will be starting locally in Atlanta, targeting certain hospitals. We're going to be building the foundation first and getting a portfolio together, making brochures for the doctors offices, and making a website. Then we can be contacted by the parents; even those who would like it done for a baby that doesn't go full term, therefore getting our foot in the door before termination. And if that is still their decision, then we still have the opportunity to share the word of Christ with these families.

Future target artist could include art therapist, art students, crafty people in general and other grieving family members. For mothers who have been though these situations, giving their time to do art for other parents can act as their own art therapy; a way to remember their child and be able to share their story.

Christmas Ornaments






Art for the whole family


  1. Wow!!! What an amazing ministry! God is going to change so many lives! :)

  2. So Amazing!!!! And perfect! These items are what families treasure the rest of their life. If you need help in any way call me! I would love to be able to help other families and help them make keepsakes!