Monday, August 20, 2012

Dear Kendall

We miss you and think of your often (non stop in my case). After picking Kristen up from school today, we headed over to the cemetery. I brought a hamburger bun for Drew and Kristen to feed the fish. There are ducks too, but they usually don't come to get food when we've been there with bread. I'm glad feeding the animals makes it a fun place to return with your sister and brother, so we can come often.

Today the cows were out in the adjacent field. We were looking at the baby calves, then it seemed like a stampede started. The horses must have seen us before we saw them, and they came running to see us. The cows knew to get out of the way. Drew was a little scared to be next to such a big animal, but I picked Kristen up to pet the horses.

From there, we went and visited you. Took some pictures and looked around a little before heading over to the pond.

The fish know when people come to feed them. They were waiting, looking at us. They would have followed us around if we didn't stay in one spot. We started feeding the fish a little before the ducks came waddling up. I'm not sure why they didn't fly from where they were. There was one duck that wasn't like the rest. It became a good lesson for Kristen to learn the difference between "weird looking" and "different because God made him that way".

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  1. Hi Stephanie, my friend just sent me a message about you on facebook. I also lost a baby (although not from anencephaly), and I have two friends who lost babies from anencephaly. I'd love to talk to you!