Monday, February 20, 2012

First Sunday

Church was good yesterday. And I didn't expect anything less. I think I was nervous to be in a more public setting.

What I wrote on FB before starting here: Sometimes you wake up the next day and feel like what you just went through the day before didn't really happen. I have a pit in my stomach, probably need to eat breakfast. First church service since our news. Bringing a box of tissues.

Later: Church was refreshing. [one of the songs we sang] "Greater things are yet to come. And greater things are yet to be done... (in this city)"

Our Sunday School, or what our church calls BFG (Bible Fellowship Group), also prayed over us. I only needed two tissues the whole day. 

Later in the afternoon is when we went to pick up the kids and see both sides of our parents. So now we're back on our normal schedule. "Don't pick him up" to Kristen and "Don't climb on that" to Drew. Kirk took off today and will be back at work tomorrow.

We haven't told Kristen yet about Kendall. We spoke with people who have been in our shoes with children. And have spoken to a child councilor... making sure we say the right thing. Something she will understand, things that might scare her, words to avoid and words to say. We might face that tonight. It will be a continued process for her as well. Our prayer is that God gives us the words for her understanding through any questions she might have. 

In some ways we're lucky with Kristen. She's not a girl or typical 4yo who asks #million questions. She accepts things as they are. And she's already been through death, as my grandmother passed away 2 years ago. We still talk about grandma Angelene. That she is in Heaven and in our hearts, like Jesus. The main thing I'm nervous about is that she wanted a sister so bad. To think about that she won't be able to play with Kendall. Tea parties and dress up and everything in between. 

Okay, I'm going to end this here, as I'm getting emotional about things and the kids around. More to come...

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