Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Putting Myself In Your Shoes

Quick update on our conversation with Dr. G before talking about our growing family of followers. We will be going to the doctor a little more often, every 2-3 weeks, as long as movement continues. She let us know we can call and ask to come in at anytime to make sure there is a heartbeat, if need be. We talked about the two different hospitals I could deliver at and which one would be the best. We didn't come up with a definite answer, might depend on organ donating. But my main question was how soon they would have to take Kendall if we decided to donate. If it is right away, then that most likely won't be an option for us, as we want as much time with her as possible. That is being looked into. And to do organ donation, I would probably have to an amniocentesis test to check for any other chromosomal issues. And blood test for checking my health will be done. My next appointment should be next week.


Our "followers" are growing, which makes me happy to watch. And emails keep pouring in, even from people who don't know us. And it hasn't even been a week. We have thought and tried putting ourselves in your (the reader, our friends) shoes. Most likely ones who haven't been in our shoes. And even ones who know us well and have young children that they will have to speak with about death when/if that time comes. So I will address maybe some of your questions. And please, if you have anything else I haven't touched on, ask.

We don't expect anyone, even ourselves, to have the right words in the right moments. If you happen to see us and feel lead to give a hug, we are willing to accept one. ** (The true, not sad, me- bluntly) Now, this refers to people we know or recognize from church or our neighborhood, friends. If you are a complete stranger, please at least introduce yourself first- yikes**

We love getting emails, text (if you already have our numbers), cards, and FB posts. The next 15 weeks will be long. I'm sacred those things would fizzle off at some time and I'll start feeling alone. So keep them coming every now and then. Even if just to say we're thinking and praying for us. -- Had to pause a moment after thinking about being alone. Can't type through tears. I know I'm not alone and that I never will be with the Lord. But how do people do it without? That's another blog...

(This one is hard to type) It was brought to my attention just today that many of our friends from church and the neighborhood might one day have to somewhat explain to their children why "Ms. Stephanie" was pregnant but doesn't have a  baby with her. I quickly mentioned at one point to friends that "I" am putting them in this hard spot. But I know it wasn't anything "I" or "we" did. It's just unfortunate that the situation will bring up some tough conversation in other households. Just telling Kristen last night, that heartbreak is still strong in my mind, so it's hard to think that others will have to have a similar conversation.When the times come, and you need some help find the words, call me. I think the biggest thing I learned was not to say "sick", as a child might relate all sickness to death. And if someone would like to type up a short note written to a child, in their terms (I might be able to do that soon), please pass it to me so I can pass it along to others. This site might help as well: http://www.dougy.org/grief-resources/activities/

So I will end this tonight with my prayer being for those families. May God give you the words that your children will have some understanding. May their hearts be open to receive God's story. And if they don't know Jesus yet, let it be a seed to be sowed.

And I don't like to end all my prayers with "Amen", as I was once told that sounds like the end of a conversation. And we are to walk and talk with Him all day long. Even in our silence, he knows our thoughts.

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  1. And you continue to amaze me once again... Always thinking of others! In the past I have ended my prayers with amen- I like the idea of keeping the conversation open. Thank you for the new perspective! With Love, Bethany