Friday, April 27, 2012

Second Cemetery Visit

The kids are at their grandparents today, so we went on our second visit to the cemetery. This time to make a choice on plots and get some ideas on markers (what we like and don't like). We reserved Kendall's and put a hold on two more beside her, for further discussion on when to buy ours as well. I doubt too many healthy 29 year olds go and pick out their plots. But it's part of the process and has to be done eventually. Better now, then after my surgery. Not too many people have time to plan. It has been something we've always thought about since making our will for the kids. And no one on my side of the family is buried in Georgia. Strange, knowing I'm born and raised here. Kirk's buried family is in Tucker, and we felt that was too far for us if we wanted to visit Kendall easily. Below are some pictures of the area. This is a newer portion of the large/full cemetery.

From the road, middle-front tree area to the right.
In front of the existing plots. Front, would be to the right side of the picture.
Below these plots, to the right of the picture. Kendall's neighbor above her would be "Fred", the single marker in the middle, without flowers. Ours would be under the two to the left of Fred. I think Fred's a pretty cool guy.

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