Thursday, April 26, 2012

Private Practice

"No, I usually don't watch Private Practice", is what I told a friend who asked me last night. She basically told me "good, you probably wouldn't want to right now." I wasn't intrigued to watch till I got home and the FB group on anencephaly was talking about the show. I so went online to watch it after reading some things online about it. I only watched the parts that had to do with the character Amelia. She found out her baby, as they said it, has no brain. And then showed some emotional parts of her journey to carry out her pregnancy. The actress is pregnant in real life. And I read that the finale of the show will be her baby being born.

I didn't get emotional watching it. I'm interested in what they do show and how real the character gets emotionally. I might watch some more as the weeks go by. But a 1 to 10 scale of the 10 that I have hit.. I think they showed a 4 so far. I'm sure they won't bring religion in the picture. The only reason she gave to carry out is organ donation. But they didn't say that the only organs these babies are allowed to give are heart valves.

It also seems to be her first child. They show the jealous side of her, as another doctor has a new baby. I haven't felt that way since I know I'm blessed with Kristen and Drew, but understand that I would defiantly feel that way if it were my first.

So if  any of you watch it... Yes, I know about it now. No, it doesn't bother me. I'm happy they are bringing awareness to anencephaly, even though I never heard the diagnosis name on the show (skipping around). And if I had never heard of it and was watching, I'm not sure what I'd think without the real phrase "anencephaly". Probably wouldn't completely think it was possible. Something made up by the show.

Anyway, we're doing fine. No harm here.

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  1. That is interesting that you blogged about this because a friend told me about it and I thought of you. Did not know if you watched the show or not. I am glad that you did not have too much of a problem watching it. As you pointed out, religion is not part of it so that changes everything. I don't know how anyone gets through the trials of their life without God. Glad your faith is strong. I know He is right beside you walking through this. Prayers lifted your way multiple times day. You are one strong mama!!!