Monday, January 28, 2013

Kendall is a BIG SISTER!!

News is out, and I'm sure God let Kendall be the first to know that she will be a big sister! I stated in a previous post that I wasn't sure if looking at a pregnancy test would ever be the same... it's still awesome! Dr. G said to wait 6+ months and we did. But once you have three kids, the science behind having a kid is easy and this one only took one try. Baby #4 will be born late September!

We are only 4 weeks along. Some people say, "Oh my gosh, that's early to be telling people." People are scared that something may happen (miscarriage, etc) but that's the exact reason I'm not afraid to tell people. There's nothing to hide, and why not have the prayers during the "unknown" time?

We are pretty excited. I'd say I'm 95% excited, 5% scared. I feel like the Lord's told me that everything will be okay. That we've been faithful through the last year and we are where He wants/asked us to be. But I can't say for sure if the roller coaster is completely over yet. But I can say that God is in control, and we're confident that we will walk in His path.

The kids were at my parent's house over night, the morning that we found out (Sunday, January 27, 2013). We went to church, then to my parents to tell them, and over to Kirk's parents to tell them. And we called some others.

It was nice to feel some hugs of joy from friends at church! Some in particular made me cry, because I knew they genuinely care about it and were as excited as we are. The love God has shown us through this past year continues.

Now, we said we thought Kendall would be our last, before we found out the devastating news... and some had said "at least you have two others" (not close friends)... So baby #4 (or if you recall from a previous post that it could be #4 and #5...) will never be a replacement for Kendall. Kendall is a part of our family, was a real human being and has a HUGE place in our hearts. She will never be replaced. But our hearts want three rascals running around this house. We have one more room to fill.and this opportunity is a blessing. One I never thought I'd have. To say I have 4 kids! To have the love expanded again. My dream was to be a mom... and I can't wait to do it again!

WHISPER: But it also secretly makes me wish I was the Duggers and could keep going and have more! I'll be done at 4 c-sections.

The kids- Drew is still little, but he gets that the baby is in my tummy... after some convincing that HE wasn't the baby. Since he doesn't know that we can bring babies home... we're not sure if he "gets" it, that WE'RE BRINGING THIS BABY HOME, and he isn't the baby that he might think he is. Kristen is excited and hoping this time for a boy. She's a numbers girl. There are 3 girls and 2 boys in this family and we must even that number out. Also, she has a brother and a sister and she realized that Drew only has two sisters and needs a brother as well. THEN we also have an AB pattern... girl, boy, girl, BOY? My one prayer request for her, is that she leaves the worrying to the adults. She has told us a couple times within the last 24 hours, "I want to bring this baby home." We've been positive, without giving too much false hope. Reminding her to keep praying. It's hard to hear her say that. But she has already given the new baby a few BIG HUGS today. I told her "thank you" for a hug and she said, "that was for the baby". LOL.

I called my doctor's nurse to schedule an appt today, but she didn't call me back, so I'll talk to them tomorrow, I'm sure. I'll have more to update and many u/s pictures to come!

Thank you everyone for your prayers and helping us get passed 300 likes on our Foundation Page. In Foundation news, we also found out today that the IRS has received our paper work and that they will be looking it over and getting back to us soon! I also had the chance to do another nurse's training this week. Helping nurses train for situations unknown and exposing them to families with losses.

*HAPPY DANCE* First one in a long while. Another reason for another baby, healing the heart.

*Love you Atlanta! Good night!* (Like an end of a concert, Geddy Lee's voice from RUSH)

EDIT- I went in for blood work and will be in soon for a regular appt. 


  1. Congratulations to you and your family, Stephanie! How exciting! I just know Kendall is watching over this little one! We are wishing you all the best and sending many prayers to each of you. I look forward to the updates to come.

    All our love,
    The Biddle Family

  2. Amen! This baby is blessed to have 3 older siblings to look up too.

  3. Yes yes yes! I am so happy about this. I got a glance of you tonight at church while I was running around like crazy and I just smiled inside (and outside, I'm sure too) thinking of how GLOWING you look! I am so happy for you and your soon-to-be family of 6 and pray for you whenever I think of you! XOXO